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FSR is one of the regional entities promoting the Programa de Crecimiento e Inserción Sociolaboral - CRISOL - (Growth and Socio-labour Inclusion Program) managed by the Government of Extremadura. CRISOL is executed by means of specific action programs that aim at qualifying or re-qualifying people from urban areas that are suffering from social exclusion or at risk of it

The goals of CRISOL are that these target groups regain work habits and professional skills, boost their awareness towards the improvement of the area where they live and their motivation to transform their employment situation.

Methodology and activities

The action programs are focused on the design and development of customized and integral socio-labour inclusion itineraries. These are divided into two phases: 

First Phase: blend of training plus actual work (duration of 6 months).

Second Phase: internships in companies (duration of 3 months).


FSR participates at CRISOL providing two specific itineraries directed to unemployed people older than 16:


  • Design, creation and maintenance of gardens through teamwork. Focused on training on auxiliary activities at gardens, nursery gardens, center gardens, etc and hosting 15 participants.  

  • Decorative painting in building - Social Action. Focused on training on decorative painting and auxiliary operations in building and construction and hosting 15 participants.

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